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AMD EPYC Rome Launch

| August 12th, 2019

Watch in full here

Quick reference numbers on performance:

  1. Industry performance is usually 15-20% improvement over generations; however, with EPYC Rome it’s 2x over Cascade Lake.
  2. Spec Integer performance for Intel 8280L is 381 vs EPYC 7742 is 749; i.e. 97% more.
  3. Spec Floating Point performance for Intel 8280L is 306 vs EPYC 7742 is 577; i.e. 88% more.
  4. Specjbb MulijVM performance for Intel 8280L is 93K vs EPYC 7742 is 171K; i.e. 84% more

If you encounter a “Generic Failure” during vSAN disk group creation or if the disk group creation takes unusually long time and fails with weird errors under “Physical Disk” section in the automated vSAN Health Checks; usually, this is the sign of an underlying hardware issue.

Either the disk slot / disk cage / back-plane (or connectors / cables) or the disk itself (even if new) has some hardware issues that is preventing the creation of the disk group. This is especially true if other disk groups were created successfully on the same host.

You could try creating the disk group by eliminating suspect disks and usually this would succeed if it is a disk slot / disk issue. To identify the suspect disk, you could observe if vSAN partitions have been made to the disk and if one of the disks don’t have it; usually, that is the one you should eliminate and try.

Hope this helps.

Hello world!

| August 4th, 2019

World of blogging. These days you need a blog to show the world you know your ‘stuff’! 😉

Well this isn’t about it. Here you would find concise notes that would help me refer back and may also help someone else looking for similar stuff.

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